Since Agent 5.0.1, support has been increased for multiple browser extensions. By default they do not enable incognito or private browsing modes, to avoid giving users the impression they are not being monitored.

To enable incognito or private browsing modes on each operating system:

Windows (Administrative Powershell)

& 'C:\Program Files\Jazz Networks\Agent\agent.exe' browser private-browsing enable
Restart-Service JazzAgentSvc


sudo /Applications/Jazz\ browser private-browsing enable
sudo launchctl kickstart -k system/com.jazznetworks.agent /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jazznetworks.agent.plist


sudo jazz-agent browser private-browsing enable
sudo systemctl restart jazz-agent



The following procedure will re-enable Incognito option from Chrome browser in versions earlier than 5.0.1:




Download the EnableIncognito.ps1 script from this page and from an elevated (admin) Powershell prompt, run:

Install-Module powershell-yaml
powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ~\Downloads\EnableIncognito.ps1


*Note: Take note of the formatting. As this is a yaml file, the indentations are important for the file to load correctly.

  1. Close all Chrome browser tabs and windows
  2. Use Services (services.msc) control panel to stop the Reveal Agent service.
  3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Jazz Networks\Agent from File Explorer. (This may be a hidden folder by default.) You’ll need to provide admin access in order to navigate tothe config folder
  4. Right Click >> Properties >> Security >> Advanced. Change your user to the Owner at the top. Then be sure to Check the “Replace all child object permission...” box. Then click OK. You may see some error messages in changing ownership, which is expected.
  5. Right Click >> C:\ProgramData\Jazz Networks\Agent\config\config.yaml file and edit with Notepad.
  6. Add the following at the top of the file above existing text, making no other changes:
    disable: false
    disableIncognito: false

Restart Jazz Agent from Services (services.msc) control panel




  • Close all Chrome browser tabs/Windows
  • Uninstall browser extension
    • sudo /Applications/Jazz\ browser uninstall
  • Reboot
  • Edit config.yaml
    • sudo vi /private/etc/jazz/config.yaml
    •  Prepend following to config:
    disable: false
    disableIncognito: false
  • Save and Exit
  • Re-install browser extension
    •  sudo /Applications/Jazz\ browser install
  • Reboot