Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to re-enroll a Reveal agent programmatically, for example via a non-interactive shell after the deployment of a new stack. In earlier versions of the Reveal Agent it was necessary to first un-enroll the agent before enrolling again.

From agent version 3.0.4 onwards, it is now possible to perform a re-enrollment using the following commands:


(Requires administrator privileges)

"C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Jazz Networks\Agent\agent.exe" enroll -f <bundle filename>


sudo jazz-agent enroll -f <bundle filename>


sudo /Applications/Jazz\ Networks.app/Contents/Resources/agent enroll -f <bundle filename>


Note: The -f flag should not be used in scripts pushing out the agent via a software distribution mechanism such as System Configuration Center Manager (SCCM). In such cases it is possible that the same machine will be repeated re-enrolled, leading to duplicate entries and quickly using up enrollment bundle maximum use limits.