Agent 7.0.0 and later includes a mail plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Some users have observed that after an installation or upgrade to 7.0.0 (or later), the first time they open Outlook they are prompted with a dialog to Install the Reveal Agent Outlook plugin. For example:

In order to avoid this message on each machine, it is necessary to add the Jazz Networks Limited code signing certificate as a Trusted Publisher.

This can be done individually on each machine for testing, but we recommend using a Group Policy Object to do this.

  1. Copy the jazz-codesign.crt file (below) to a known location on your domain controller
  2. Open an appropriate Group Policy and navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies > Trusted Publishers:
  3. Under Trusted Publishers, select Import, using the jazz-codesign.crt file from step 1.
  4. The certificate should be pushed to each machine at the next Group Policy update interval (usually maximum 90 minutes, or after a restart.)