The Mac Agent requires use of a kernel extension (kext) for its full capabilities.  This kext should be loaded on initial install.  However in some instances there may be policies in place that prevent the loading if the agents kext. 

We have predominantly seen this issue when a users fails to "allow" the extension at the installation from the "System Preferences" pop up.  We have this documented in the agent deployment guide in the Mac deployment section (at time of writing section

Another time this may be seen is when the Mac Agent is deployed wit ha fleet deployment tool such as JAMF.  The deployment documentation for JAMF is well written and explains the need to add a profile with a Team Identifier and a Bundle Identifier.  (Documentation at time of writing can be found HERE)

The Team Identifier and bundle Identifier for the mac agent are as follows:

Team Identifier: JE7N8449S9

Bundle Identifier: com.jazznetworks.agent