Ava Security provides an MSI installation package for installing the Reveal Agent on Windows and
Windows Server-based devices, which you can download from the Ava Support Portal or
the Admin console's Agents tab.

You must install the Reveal Agent on each device you want to monitor. In addition to installing the Reveal
Agent, you must enroll it to enable communication with the Reveal Platform. This enrollment process requires instructing the running RevealAgent to initially contact the Reveal Platform using a piece of trusted information, i.e. an enrollment bundle or enrollment code.

The mechanism to install the Reveal Agent on an individual machine is to invoke the Windows Installer. This can be done through double-clicking the MSI file directly, or by invoking msiexec.exe in a variety of different ways.

There exist a variety of different bulk provisioning and fleet management tools for Windows-based devices, each of which should be able to take any MSI package and deploy it to target machines.

Ava Security have currently tested the following fleet management solutions:

  • Windows Group Policy Objects - Software Push (GPO push)
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • PDQ Deploy, free edition

The following guides are intended to provide an overview of how to deploy using these systems. They should be read-only in conjunction with the official documentation from the deployment tool provider(s). The absence of a deployment tool from this list does not preclude use with the Reveal Agent installer, but it is recommended to contact Ava Support if you plan to use it.

Generic instructions, msiexec



PDQ Deploy (coming soon)