If required, it is possible to publish an Intune application that contains a "baked in" copy of an enrollment bundle that means you do not need to store the bundle file on an accessible filestore. This does however mean that a new application must be created on a regular basis to update the enrollment bundle inside the package, rather than just replacing the file on the shared filestore.

Full details of creating an application using IntuneWinAppUtil.exe can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/apps/apps-win32-app-management

The important factors to remember are:

  1. Place both agent_x64_release_signed.msi and your generated bundle in your "source folder" on your local machine
  2. Run IntuneWinAppUtil.exe to create the Intune bundle as described above to create a single .intunewin file for upload to Intune.
  3. When setting the "Install command" during the App creation, make sure to include the BUNDLE_FILEPATH=<enrollment.bundle> in the command, where <enrollment.bundle> matches the filename of the bundle in step 1
  4. The detection rule should be configured with the following registry key set to "Key exists":


Agent updates are recommended to be pushed via the Reveal platform agent auto-update process once this detection rule has been configured. For further assistance, please contact Ava Support.