Windows Domain Group Policy Objects (GPO) can be used to push out a specific version of the Reveal Agent. If using GPO to deploy the Reveal Agent, there are two important factors to consider:

  1. An enrollment bundle or code must be included as part of an MST transform
  2. The Reveal Auto-Update mechanism (where new versions of the Reveal Agent are pushed directly from the Reveal platform) must NOT be used.

MSI transforms (MST)

In order for this process to complete successfully, you will need to transform the installer and supply the path to an enrollment bundle or explicitly include an enrollment code so that the installer can find use this information to enroll the agent during the initial install.

General Method

Note: These instructions were written assuming a Windows Server 2012 acting as Domain Controller. For earlier versions see these instructions from Microsoft, following the "assign software" process.

  1. Create a network share to host the MSI package(s), and copy the Reveal Agent MSI installer to this share.
  2. Open "Group Policy Management" from "Administrative Tools" and under your domain, right-click on "Group Policy Objects", click "New" and name the new policy object "Install Reveal Agent".
  3. Open the new Policy, and configure the users/computers that you want to install the Reveal Agent for under "Security Filtering"
  4. Right-click on the new policy and click "edit" to open the Group Policy Management Editor. Under Computer Configuration->Policies->Software Settings->Software installation, right-click and select new->package.
  5. Select the MSI package for the Reveal Agent from the share created earlier, and choose "Assigned"
  6. Select "Advanced" and add the relevant MST modification file.
  7. Return to the "Group Policy Management" screen, right-click on the domain and choose "Link an existing GPO", choose "Install Reveal Agent" and click OK.