In the event you need to replace the Edge node, possibly due to an upgrade, and you use the same IP address for the new OVA as was previously used for the one replaced, you may find that agents and/or the Reveal platform backend are unable to connect.

This is generally due to ARP cache settings on the edge router, which has cached the MAC address of the old node and not been updated with the new MAC address.

If the Reveal platform backend is on the same subnet as  the edge node, you may find that the backend can connect, but agents cannot.

There are two ways to resolve this:

1.) Wait for the ARP cache to timeout on the router (depending on the setting, this can take hours)

2.) Manually clear the ARP cache on the router, which will immediately pick up the new MAC address. Consult your router documentation for the proper command.

  • For Cisco devices, the command is: clear arp