In some cases it is necessary for the Ava Reveal infrastructure to make outbound connections to other devices, i.e. LDAP/directory services or Google/Microsoft integrations. In these cases it may necessary for the destination firewall to have whitelisted the source IP addresses of the Ava Reveal infrastructure. For on-premise installations, it is expected that customers will already know their external IP address(es), however for any Ava Reveal cloud customers, we have a DNS record maintained that will list all the public IP addresses for any cloud infrastructure that may be connecting outbound.

The DNS record is

To look up the list of IP addresses, we recommend using a tool such as nslookup,  i.e.:

Non-authoritative answer:


Note that the IP addresses list above may change over time, please ensure you run this request when configuring your firewalls to get up-to-date information.