There are currently two feature flags that can affect the behaviour of the Reveal platform for both "Out of Box" and User designed policy groups. This article is intended to explain the differences.

By default, both feature flags are enabled, however, for those tenants created prior to the 10th February 2020, the default (disabled) behaviour will be:

  • "Out of box" policies are off by default, and
  • User-defined template packs must be uploaded manually, and
  • After each upload of a new user-defined template pack, any policy templates that have been modified/updated must be manually recreated.
  • There is no notification to the administrator that a policy can be updated or replaced.


This feature flag is intended to affect the "Out of box" policies only. These are groups of policies created and maintained by Ava Security, with minimal user-configurable parameters.

When this feature flag is enabled, policies that have not been modified by an operator will automatically be updated "under the hood" in the event that an updated definition is pushed out by Ava Security. If a policy has been by an operator, for example, to change a list of permitted domains, a warning message will be displayed to indicate the policy needs to be manually updated. Any changes (such as permitted domains) will be overwritten by the update and should be manually re-applied.


This feature flag is intended to remove the need for administrators or operators to upload new policy template packs as they are released. As Ava Security create new policies, these will automatically be available for use in User-defined policy groups, with the latest underlying policy definitions.

Note that currently, any existing policies created using any older versions of templates will remain in place until manually recreated. There is currently no notification when an existing policy has been updated and can be replaced.