In order for users to have names and information within the Reveal Web UI, they need to be added via LDAP or manually created via the API.  If a user, who has not been added to the stack via either of these methods, logs in to a managed node , a user entity will show up on the world map and users list with no information associated to it. (Figures 1 & 2).

For example, if you import the base "Users" ou in active directory to the Reveal platform, the default administrator accounts will not be included in that import.  If those users in turn access a managed node - their user information will not be displayed in the interface.



The ability to identify logged in users will only work for domain-joined windows agents.  At the time of writing, for other OS' you will need to statically assign a user to the managed node via the agent config at enrollment. 


Figure 1


Figure 2