The Reveal Platform uses different data sources to decide on the best location for a user and/or node on the world map. The list below is in preference order:

  1. The location as defined using the subnets>locations API
  2. The default location specified during enrollment (as part of the enrollment bundle creation)
  3. The GeoIP location for the remote IP address last used by the node, as presented to the Reveal edge node

Subnets -> Locations API

The purpose of this setting is to allow for internal IP address ranges (i.e. to be resolved to a specific latitude/logitude. This is useful as geo-IP databases cannot be used for internal addresses. 

Full details of this API can be found in the platform API documentation: 



  • The GeoIP database for a given IP address may not always be accurate.
  • The source IP address can be affected by several factors, including NAT settings, VPN usage, and other proxies.
  • If the Reveal Agent is on a local IP range and can contact the Reveal edge node directly (no NAT etc.) then the Reveal edge node will likely see a local IP address which will resolve to (0, 0) unless a high precedence location can be found
  • If a user has multiple nodes associated with their Digital Passport, their location on the map will be chosen at random.